September Send-off…

September was a busy month, partly because every month is a busy month and partly because it really was the busiest I’ve ever been. Moving house on your first day back from holiday is not recommended; neither is going straight from having moved in to attending the Eurogamer Expo and the string of associated parties.

It should say something about how busy it was that Unlimited Hyperbole has been delayed. I’m hoping to put the first episodes out early this month, but I’m not going to skimp on quality just to meet a self-set and arbitrary deadline. Do it right or don’t do it.

So, sorry about that – especially to the guests who’ve been forced to wait before hearing the final thing.

Apologies and explanations aside though, here’s what else I did this month…

September wasn’t just a busy month for me, but for the rest of the industry too. Valve released Steam Greenlight and indie studios everywhere scrambled to get featured on it as fast as possible. As a result, the process changed as Valve adapted to the pressures of demand – and I wrote up an article about developer reactions for Videogamer. It was a piece I really enjoyed working on, actually.

After that, I got my usual Bit-tech work out of the way. This month included a review of FTL and a preview of Tomb Raider, as well as some other stuff. There’s also been some extra work I’ve done which hasn’t been published yet and an opinion column which went up today about sound design in games.

Next up, came some business journalism – which I’ve been doing more and more of lately. This month I was back on IT Pro Portal writing about the legality of crowdfunding, though that piece hasn’t gone online just yet it seems. (Edit: Now it is.)

I also did a big article for Eurogamer – a feature which took up most of my month, to be honest. Again though, that’s not online yet.

What is online though is Issue 3 of Continue Magazine, which this month features me talking to ARG developers and even trying a Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings ARG for myself. Continue has fast become one of my favourite game magazines, so it’s worth checking out.

As far as magazines go, there’s also my Custom PC work. I’ve closed off on Issue 111 now, which should be available in a week or two – you can look forward to reviews of such games as <Redacted>, <Redacted> and <Redacted>. The latter is especially awesome.

That was pretty much it for September then, aside from another guest slot on BBC Radio Five. I would have got much more done this month, but what with all the moving and the holiday in the middle I basically didn’t have more than a fortnight to do everything.

Good thing I work fast, I guess.

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