June Jobs…

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”

If May was a difficult month, June was a pleasure. Not only was it the first time in ages that I managed to go 30 days without my personal life exploding in some manner or other, but I also got loads of work done and spent time refining my approach to games in general. 

And there was Unlimited Hyperbole‘s first season, obviously.

One of the highlights however, was Thomas Was Alone, which I just finished playing and which made me happier than any other new game I’ve played in a good while. We need more games like that, I say.

Here’s what else I did in June…

As always, the month started with my work for Custom PC Magazine. That involved interviewing the team behind the failed Gravitaz Kickstarter to see what personal and professional impact it has when crowd funding fails, as well as securing an image exclusive for Brendan Chung’s 30 Flights of Loving. I also wrote a whole load of reviews and previews, including the rather interesting Home by Benjamin Rivers.

After my work with Custom PC, I moved on to some work for ITProPortal, writing a trilogy of articles which haven’t yet been published and which I can’t yet talk about. Hm.

On the other hand, one article I wrote ages ago but which I can now finally talk about is a piece I wrote about indie funding models for the excellent Continue Magazine. I actually think it’s one of the best things I’ve written lately, involving interviews with Jonathan Blow, Brian Fargo, Greg Rice and a bunch more.

Later in the month I did some extra stuff for Bit-tech.net which I’m quite proud of too, the biggest of which is a preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops that ended with me swearing to never play the series ever again. It’s a promise I intend to keep until such a time as I feel the developer is respecting the value of my time as a player. I also did a column about modding, as well as some extended E3 coverage and a piece for the Steam Amnesty series.

What else? Well, I’ve also done my first work for Future Publishing since I left University, which has been interesting. Issue 242 of PC Gamer will feature a few reviews of mine.

Beyond that, I spent some time in June working on the next series of Unlimited Hyperbole, including making it a launch partner for the just-today-announced FeedTheRobot.net, a new content hub for the best independent games sites. I also hosted a loosely organised wrap party for Unlimited Hyperbole’s first season – thanks to everyone who turned up for that!

We’re only a day into July at the moment, but it’s already looking like that’ll be a very busy month for me too. I’m recording for the BBC tonight, I’ve got an initial meeting for an indie game I’m involved in writing tomorrow and then I’ll be out at the Rezzed Show on Friday. If you’re at the show too, either as a journalist or developer, then get in touch and we can go for a coffee/beer.

Joe, Out.

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