Unlimited Hyperbole #10





Update: Unlimited Hyperbole is no longer available. There are two episodes preserved by the Thief community on Youtube which are linked in the episode index, however other episodes have since been lost to time.

As the Writer and Narrative Designer behind titles such as horror classic Penumbra, FTL and the recently announced The Swapper, you’d expect Tom Jubert to emphasise the importance of writing in scary games. In fact though, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the last episode of Season Two, Tom explains why he thinks interactivity and plausible environments add so much more than a few lines of dialogue, what narrative design is and why games such as To The Moon misunderstand what it means to be a game.

Unlimited Hyperbole is a weekly podcast about videogames and the stories we tell about them. The show is divided into seasons of five episodes, each with a topic that’s used as a prompt when interviewing special guests. This season we’ve been talking about “Fear Itself” – to find out what we’ll be talking about next season, read after the jump.

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