Unlimited Hyperbole #15





Update: Unlimited Hyperbole is no longer available. There are two episodes preserved by the Thief community on Youtube which are linked in the episode index, however other episodes have since been lost to time.

It’s not unusual for fans of any medium to have favourites, but in gaming we sometimes seem to take that idea a little bit further than most and can end up defining ourselves by our views on particular games or ideas. In this way, games can sometimes end up defining our own characters as we label ourselves based on the games we love and loathe.

Darren Delay is many things – an independent developer, a student, a programmer – but just as important as these labels is that he’s a fan of platform games too. Characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog have ended up having a huge impact on how he approaches all sorts of games, he says. In the final episode of our third season we talk to Darren about Sonic, his love of mechanics over narrative and why God of War tells a better story than Braid.

Unlimited Hyperbole is a short, podcast about videogames and the stories we tell about them. The show is divided into seasons of five episodes, each with a topic that’s used as a prompt when interviewing special guests. This season we’ve been talking about “Matters of Character” – but to find out more about the production of this episode, read after the jump.

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