The Year in Review…

All the games I've played

February was even more of a celebration than usual this year. Not only did I celebrate my birthday, a Valentine’s Day and a six month anniversary, but I also celebrated a full year in my new job.

That means it’s been one full year since I declared with painful melodrama that I was leaving games journalism. I’ve actually ended up keeping one foot in the field slightly, but aside from trademark Twitter ranting my output has been very low.

It’s made me wonder how many games I’ve played in my first year without being paid to play – and if there’s any lessons to be learned from looking at the amount of time I’ve spent playing them. So, I pulled a list together. Here’s a year of non-journo gaming, in chronological order…

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A Thousand Words…

I’ve long been a social network snob; addicted in all manner of ways to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Spotify Social and a dozen other various sharing platforms. Today, I joined up to Instagram too; late to the party perhaps, but it’s only recently that I’ve got back into appreciating architecture enough to want to share photos like this anyway.

I highly recommend that anyone with time to kill in South London takes a stroll past the Blue Fin Building on a grey summers day, getting off at Southwark Station if possible. If you like a well designed building as much as I do, you’ll not stop looking up. Standing in the centre of Blue Fin and looking up through IPC’s offices reveals a particularly stunning meeting of angles, I think.

I’ve added a link to the menu for anyone who wants to follow my Instagram posts, which is handled via Webstagram. I apologise for the deluge of hipster photos that will now follow – like I said, I’m addicted to social networks.

Joe, Out.