A Thousand Words…

I’ve long been a social network snob; addicted in all manner of ways to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Spotify Social and a dozen other various sharing platforms. Today, I joined up to Instagram too; late to the party perhaps, but it’s only recently that I’ve got back into appreciating architecture enough to want to share photos like this anyway.

I highly recommend that anyone with time to kill in South London takes a stroll past the Blue Fin Building on a grey summers day, getting off at Southwark Station if possible. If you like a well designed building as much as I do, you’ll not stop looking up. Standing in the centre of Blue Fin and looking up through IPC’s offices reveals a particularly stunning meeting of angles, I think.

I’ve added a link to the menu for anyone who wants to follow my Instagram posts, which is handled via Webstagram. I apologise for the deluge of hipster photos that will now follow – like I said, I’m addicted to social networks.

Joe, Out.

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