Journalism: The Deleted Scenes Series


As a journalist I’ve been lucky enough to broach a number of big exclusives and work on some great articles, but the ones I’m most proud of collect, preserve and report how games change during development. I work with universities, museums and the original developers to uncover the design documents for these games, then usally write up my findings for the Gamer Network, including Eurogamer and RockPaperShotgun.

For example, did you know that Warren Spector’s original design document for Deus Ex set the game in a Russian-occupied Texas? Or that a cancelled Thief sequel led by Ion Storm’s Harvey Smith would have rebooted the series in a modern setting? Did you know that Doom was originally planned as a four-player co-op game?

I strongly believe that design documents and the processes by which they evolve are a tragically under-reported aspect of the games industry. As a journalist I’ve spoken and written at length about the need for the publishers and developers to preserve the history of the medium, before this information is lost for good.

The Deleted Scenes Series

The Deleted Scenes of Half-Life 2 – RockPaperShotgun, 25/07/12

The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex (Majestic Revolutions concept) – Eurogamer, 04/01/13

The Deleted Scenes of Doom – Eurogamer, 30/01/13

The Deleted Scenes of Thief & Dark Camelot – RockPaperShotgun, 05/08/13

The Deleted Scenes of No One Lives Forever – Personal Blog, 13/05/14

The Deleted Scenes of Outcast & Outcast 2: Lost Paradise – Personal Blog, 16/06/14

The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex: Insurrection & Deus Ex 3 – Eurogamer, 16/11/14

The Deleted Scenes of Origin Systems – Eurogamer, 21/12/14

The Deleted Scenes of Thief 3: Dagger of Ways – Eurogamer, 31/08/15

The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex (Troubleshooter concept) – Trusted Reviews, 29/08/15

The Deleted Scenes of Tomb Raider (2014 remake) – Trusted Reviews, 04/09/15

Interview: Video Game Historian – Half Hour Intern Podcast, 26/07/2016

Video Games You Will Never Play – Book, 25/08/16

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