The Unlimited Hyperbole Christmas Special


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This Christmas I’ve bought Unlimited Hyperbole back for a special episode, during which I threw the microphone into the crowd and asked you, the listeners, to send in submissions telling me the answer to one question.

If you could change one thing about your involvement with games, what would it be?

I was astonished by the responses which came back and I’ve presented them all here as straightforwardly as I can, with as little droning and editing from me as possible. Settle in for a longer, rougher and more optimistic episode of Unlimited Hyperbole than ever before, with submissions from the following delightful people and a download mirror provided by Split Screen

All speakers below are representing themselves only, not the businesses which they are involved in.

Adam Rosser
BBC journalist and host of the excellent Game On show on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Dan Griliopoulos
Prolific games and technology journalist, copywriter and funambulist.

Ben Mansell
Market researcher, gamer and self-confessed Doom obsessive.

Daniel Nye Griffiths
Games and technology journalist for Forbes, Wired and more.

Darren Daley
Indie game developer, student and platform gaming expert.

Kitsunami Lupo
Game designer for Avalon Lords and PR manager for Crown of the Gods.

Tina Kalinger
Student and designer for 404Sight, a free-running game about net neutrality.

Alan Williamson
Editor of Five out of Ten Magazine, journalist and co-author of Escape to Na Pali.

Will Blackstock
Journalist and speaker for the Videobrains lectures and Tabletalk Podcast.

Joe Percy
Life-long gamer, sometimes developer and previous guest of the show.

Craig Lager
Occasional games journalist, game developer and co-conspirator.

Jordan Erica Webber
Journalist, GMA finalist and Family Gamer TV co-host.

I’d also like to thank the people who supported the show, knowingly or not. That includes Harriet Jones, Talia Blackford-Cooper and Mike Cook, whose input is best seen in the video below. Music was provided by Josh Woodward and extra hosting was provided by Alan Williamson and Split Screen.

I’m just going to leave this video here, because once you’re done with the show then it’s very much worth watching. The video was recorded at Jake Tucker’s fabulous Videobrains event, where speakers present on a variety of gaming topics every month.

Thanks for listening.

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