Press X to Speak…

Last week Jason Dewey interviewed me for a new video series he’s doing called Press X to Speak. I talked about what I like about games, what I hate about them and what my biggest professional regrets are. This teaser clip features me talking about The Secret of Monkey Island and why I enjoy co-operative singleplayer more than just straight multiplayer. Watch it, do.

2 thoughts on “Press X to Speak…

  1. I also love playing single player games in a multiplayer way.
    While listening to your interview I couldnt help to remember when my brother and I played Monkey Island one together, particularly the part where you have to learn how to fight with the sword by building counter arguments ir jokes. I dont think I’ve ever laughed nor been so ibterested in a game since then (well, perhaps with ocarina of time). Thanks for sharing your words and bring back such great memories, sword master.


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