Thief 4: Dagger of Ways…


A year ago I heard a developer mention a modern day reboot of Thief. Stunned I hadn’t heard of it already, I asked when it was coming out. Never, he said – it was cancelled almost ten years ago.

“When we pitched to Eidos, the feedback was ‘no supernatural stuff’,” my secret source told me. “We were going with a 100% realistic game set only in the real world. Many designs and decisions changed by the time the project was killed.”

Eidos and Ion Storm may have cancelled the project, but I got hold of the internal pitch document, spoke to the team and published the full exclusive reveal of Thief 4: Dagger of Ways on Eurogamer.

Also, it went up at the same time as my article about Troubleshooter, Warren Spector’s original pitch to Origin Systems for Deus Ex.

Tell me what you think…

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