Deleted Scenes at VideoBrains…

In my opinion preserving the processes and lost details of game development is one of the most vital roles a journalist has. That’s the whole reason I started the Deleted Scenes series and it’s why I’ll be giving a talk about it at VideoBrains next month.

VideoBrains is a new monthly event where writers, developers and gamers discuss their work and the games industry at large. There’ll be beer, DOTA and talks by the likes of Alan Williamson, Laura Kate Dale, Meg Jayanth, Ben Meredith and me.

I’ll be talking about ‘Deus Ex and Doom: Saving the Deleted Scenes of Gaming’. I’ll cover why preservation is important, how you can get involved and showing exclusive excerpts from the design document for Deus Ex. If you’re reading this, you should come along.

Update 02/09/2014: Hooray, Videobrains is now sold out! If you missed tickets then I’ll be putting my notes online after the event.

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