The Next Best…


Last year I collected a list of the good things I had read. I made a folder and bookmarked everything I thought was moving, important, brave or insightful. These are the things that, had I written them, I’d have been proud of writing. I posted the list as ‘The Angry Best‘.

I’m not really sure why I started doing it, but a handful of friends bookmarked the post and returned to it for weeks to come as a list of interesting things to read over lunch. So, I decided to do the same this year too. I read a lot, so the list is naturally quite long, but I’ve emboldened the ones that are really essential and separated ones about games for convenience.

I’m always interested in reading more good things, regardless of whether it gets on this list or not – if you spot something good then please send it to me.

The majority of people who read this blog do it not to see my wider reading habits, but out of an interest specifically in games and games journalism. So, I’ve separated out the articles on those topics below. I don’t actually read a lot of games journalism anymore though, because like many what I’m interested in is investigative writing that explores niches or new viewpoints.

I also want to throw in a link to something I wrote which I think isn’t totally shit. That limits me to either Unlimited Hyperbole’s third season or this Gamasutra article about computational creativity.

Finally, if this list is too long for you then the essential reads are: This, This, This, This and This.

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