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I do work for games and stuff. Welcome travellers to update V0.12 – The Long Night! We’ve got day & nights cycles, performance improvements, days survived, housing overhaul and much, much more!

PS. Sorry it was a bit late!

To view the Patch Notes in their original form you can view them over on our website here:
The Black Death: Patch Notes V0.12 – The Long Night []

Day / Night Cycle

The sun has set in Mercia… and risen again! The day / night cycle is in. This has been a big feature for us but we’ve finally got it to a place we’re happy with. This feature has a lot of mechanics tied to it, more below.

To view our cool slider that shows Raven’s Reach at both day and night visit our blog to see it in action, there’s also a time lapse video showing the day and night cycle.


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