A random hodge-podge of old projects, games and ideas. Into the gutter they go. 

Unlimited-Hyperbole-IconUnlimited Hyperbole
I made this podcast, interviewing guests such as Kieron Gillen.

• 20+ episodes with over 50,000 listeners
• “Among the best game podcasts” – The Metro

I co-developed this in 24 hours, when drunk at EG Expo 2012.

• “Shows the gap in systems and theme” – PC Gamer
• “A game about crying and wanking” – RPS

ds-1-2The Deleted Scenes Series
I preserve cut content from games that are and never were.

•  DoomHL2, Thief, Deus Ex and No One Lives Forever
•  Thief 4: Dagger of WaysDeus Ex 3 and Origin Studios

The Videobrains Lectures
I talk occasionally at Videobrains in London.

Preservation Matters: Deus Ex, Doom and Disney
• A Love Letter to Hidden Love Letters in Games

aGames Journalism
I wrote for PC Gamer, RPS, Eurogamer and many more.

• Tales of The First MMO (Games Journalism Prize listed)
• Hotline Miami review (Good Games Writing shortlisted)

bOther Projects
I’ll try anything once.

• Press X to Speak: Monkey Island (Video, Guest)
• The Science of Computing (EBook, Editor)

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